Aspen Consulting & Coaching delivers Business Improvements and Workforce Efficiencies to Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SME) through Business and IT Consultancy, Process Optimization, Business Reorganization, Systems Implementations, Competency Training, Executive Coaching, Project and Interim Management.   

Business Strategy & Project Planning
Thinking of a new business or considering a new project? Interested in moving into a new market in the E.U. - perhaps the U.K. or Poland?
Business Plan for a Bank, Investor, Crowdfunding or Government Agency
- Project Plan 
- Sales & Marketing Plan
- Customer Relationship Management Program
- Business Strategy   

Transition & Transformation Execution
Need to make a tough decision to save the day? Restructuring and transforming your organization? Implementing IT systems and optimizing business processes?
- Company Restructuring
- Company Culture 
- Implementation Projects Management 
- Internal and External Communication 
- Department Reorganization

Project Management Coaching
Need support in regaining control and balance to bring home a challenging project? 
- Develop stakeholder relationship supporting the project's success
- Conflict management and dealing with difficult team members
- Leverage Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to make better decisions
- Effective communications
- Coping with stress 
- Create a positive work environment and high team morale
- Create a vision for project objectives that attract, inspire and motivate the project

Projects are essential to the growth and survival of organizations. Projects create value in the form of improved business processes, are indispensable in the development of new products and services, and make it easier for companies to respond to changes in the environment, competition, and the marketplace. The project manager becomes the link between the strategy and the team.
Project Management Body of Knowledge, Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute

Executive Coaching
Want to grow your firm / department as well as gain new insights and competencies? Need a sounding board before making an important decision or to restore an energy level?
Effective Time & Task management
- Effective communications (presentations, public speaking, leading meetings)
- Delegation of responsibilities
- Personal development (strenghts, stress/pressure, motivation, assertiveness)
- Work-Life balance

Team Training & One2One Workshops
Need to achieve better results and develop required competencies in a managerial role? Want to develop your team leaders/members?

 Learn and practice Coaching Approach, Culture and Tools to improve your    
 Management and Communications Skills. Available workshops are based on a  
 bespoke Postgraduate Program delivered at the Management Faculty of a leading

Effective Time & Task Management
- Communications Skills and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
- Coaching in Management
- Managerial Talents and Competencies (assessment and development) 
Career Development Coaching
Considering transition to a new job or role that fits better your personality and lifestyle? 
- Searching for a new job
- Career Change
- Career Development

Buying or Selling Business
Ready to sell your business and want to prepare your business for sale? Want to grow fast by taking over an established business?
- Preparing your business for sale 
- Audit / Due Diligence when considering a business acquisition

Change is the price of survival. - Gary Player