Business Plans 

Robert Kusy, Co-owner, PrestigeSpirits Ltd.
We needed a business plan to apply for a licence from HMRC. Mariusz has delivered a professional business plan fast at an affordable rate. 

Krzysztof Klimek, CEO, Ortoscan UK Ltd.
Prior to negotiations with the investor we invited Mariusz to work with us on a Ortoscan's world-wide expansion strategy. Mariusz prepared a business plan with a robust financial model that was highly rated by the multinational financial group interested in investing in Ortoscan. We are very grateful to Aspen CC for that work. We intend to cooperate with the company in future when a similar need arise.

Marek Grodzki, CEO, ORI-MED Sp. z o.o.
Mariusz helped us to define and structure a programme for children and parents that will be launched in one of the European Union countries.  I really appreciate our cooperation, talks and meetings. Thank you very much for preparing a sound business plan with a clear financial plan which made it easier for us to obtain financing. Aspen Consulting & Coaching is a reliable comapy worth recommending.  


Sameer Hajee, CEO, Nuru Energy, India & Africa
It was nice to work with you. Thanks for making this part of the engagement so easy and enjoyable! Hope our paths will cross again soon...maybe when we need advice on ERP!

Marcin Chojecki, S. Associate, PwC
I worked with Mariusz on a cutting-edge project and it was nothing but a great experience. Mariusz shows quite a range of managerial skills and has a deep bucket of tips and trics to get the project going on. Hope to work with Mariusz in a forthcoming future.

Marek Godek, Project Manager, ING  
I have worked with Mariusz on huge and complex project regarding migration of HP Exstream (mass correspondence platform). His engagement, professional approach and unconventional ways in solving problems helped us to delived the project in scope, budget and time. Moreover Mariusz proved to be the true leader, advisor and coach. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to meet him. 

Louise Rogers, Marketing Manager, 3G Telecommunications   
Mariusz is so helpful. He took an interest in our business to further his understanding of exactly what we wanted to achieve. He is always there to answer our questions and is very patient when it comes to training us. I would highly recommend Mariusz , his indepth knowledge of the product and customer focus is hard to find!  

Greg Owens, Project Manager, Police Mutial Assurance Society  
Mariusz is a through, conciencious and personable character with a methodical attention to detail and calm, inperturable approach to his work. Mariusz is at his best when flexing his expertise in delivery and management of complex IT projects. He was able to demonstrate flexible, agile approach that helped us achieve a positive result. It is rare to come accross someone with a more professional and driven outlook on their work. I look forward to any further opportunity to work with Mariusz and wish him the best in his future. 

Johannes Schuett, Opportunity and Program Manager, Hewlett Packard GmbH
Mariusz is as project Manager very professional and personally valuable to interact. For professional matters he is polite but refreshingly straight to the point, focussed to find agreeable solutions and manage progress. His Project Management skills are high and the additional insights from his lecturing experience are certainly a bonus and of high originality. I would always welcome and enjoy to have him as PM counterpart again